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  • Do you want to master the art of responsible driving...?
  • And in the process; do you wish to procure your very own legitimate driving license?

If so, then WELCOME TO West Driving School

As your reliable private driving instructor serving in and across Perth city with the main speciality in West Perth and Mirrabooka DOT Center; we deliver aspiring learners great-valued bundle packages for whatever lesson type they prefer.

What's more, we also specialise in overseas driving license conversion.

Being associated with this industry for 27+ years (and still going strong) we are also quite familiar with all the routes and tricky bits in and across our target areas.

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What To Expect During Basic Open Road driving lessons for beginners?

  • Reverse bay park manoeuvre
  • Training from qualified instructors in automatic and manual dual controlled cars
  • Defensive driving lessons for helping me pass my ps test
  • Driving car practice tests
  • Identifying roadside dangers
  • Collision control training
  • Confidence building driving lessons
  • Refresher driving lessons
  • Pre-test log book driving (before sitting for your driving assessment)

What Else...?

In addition to these; our comprehensive driving course lessons for beginners will feature real-time on-road training. This is to help aspiring learners learn about the ins and outs of defensive driving.

You will be made familiar with every single function in the car, when to use them, various driving etiquettes and responsibilities, and awareness of all commonly seen road signs, markings and signals.

Furthermore, you also get educated on other equally crucial aspects such as sharing the road on a freeway whenever driving, awareness of highway safety, proper way to park and maneuver, ways to prevent accidents or collisions, proper vehicle operations and maintenance and so on.

During your practice runs, we will allocate your designated driving instructor to sit beside you, watch over your every move and share advise as you drive along.

After you’ve completed your driving course; you’ll have to sit for PDA-practical driving assessment. And you must pass test in order to receive your driver’s license.

The driving test is done by our provided cars or you can use your private car.

Your designated instructor will conduct a mock test and give you a location to drive to and then sit back and assess your skills to see if you are ready for the test.


Don't forget to do your homework! The online resources provided by the Department of Transport (DoT) are just as important as gaining practical experience. Please click the links below and soak up the information to become a safer, better and confident driver.


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